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Roffman Miller has a long standing reputation as a high quality wealth management firm which seeks capital appreciation in a conservative manner. Historically we have utilized individual stocks and bonds to build our portfolios. In more recent times we have added mutual funds to our management. In our evaluation of mutual funds, we have identified a group of funds with the following characteristics:

Our mutual fund managers think the way we do.

  • They are bottoms-up, fundamental investors who focus on great companies.
  • The mutual funds take a long term approach to investing, rather than a market-timing or day-trading approach.
  • The mutual fund operations are ethical and shareholder friendly.

Other considerations:

  • We invest in some mutual funds that are closed to the public but to which we maintain access as an institutional shareholder. 
  • At times we will utilize loaded mutual funds; however, the loads are waived to the clients of Roffman Miller.           
  • We seek mutual funds with low turnover. 
  • The mutual fund we choose also have low expenses. 
  • Our mutual funds are run by experienced and conservative managers.
  • We seek mutual funds that have performed well in both bull and bear markets.
  • Our mutual fund managers generally operate in a specific market capitalization: large cap, mid cap, small cap or international.

Our mutual fund management process:

  • We evaluate the following on a monthly basis:
    • Morningstar Rating Changes
    • Morningstar Analyst Coverage
    • Performance
    • Management Changes
    • Investment Style Drift
    • Expenses
    • Overlap of stock ownership among our mutual funds

Our mutual fund management can stand alone or it can be combined with our individual stock and bond management.  At Roffman Miller we will custom build an asset allocation to match your needs, risk tolerance, and preferences.

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